V-TAC’s drive to deliver premium-tier products led to an innovative partnership with Samsung – a world leader in LED lighting components and solutions.

The PRO Series is the latest development on V-TAC’s extensive range of LED products in collaboration with Samsung. The series catalogue boasts of having a five-year warranty, equipped with highly-acclaimed Samsung LED chips. The PRO-Series provides quality in every lumen.

Energy Solutions
for brighter tomorrow

We offer solutions for harvesting, storing, and utilizing solar energy to achieve the best energy efficient system for your residential or business space.

With the advancement of our solar portfolio, we are moving towards promoting sustainable practices, taking a step towards a better tomorrow. V-TAC stands for complete energy solutions: solar panels, inverters, battery packs, power stations and heat pumps – find all the products and accessories under one umbrella.

Innovation has been our core from the beginning. But we aren’t just innovators. We are problem solvers. We innovate to make positive impact. Not just for our customers, but for the human race. Driven by our passion to provide the most efficient products and solutions, we are fully committed to building a brighter yet sustainable future.

From providing you with efficient lighting, we’re going to the next level.
The V-TAC Energy catalogue aims to provide you with an end-to-end solution in lowering your carbon footprint by using clean energy from an efficient solar energy system.
Switching to clean energy is a smart and reliable choice – it’s possible to farm power and store it simultaneously with the right system.

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Renewable Energy Solutions for brighter tomorrow
Renewable Energy Solutions for brighter tomorrow