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Founded in 2009, V-TAC was developed and designed to not only bring sustainable LED lighting solutions to your homes but to also keep adding value to energy-efficient solutions covering more than 70 countries throughout Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East, and the USA. As a result of our relentless pursuit of excellence, we have been listed in the London Stock Exchange Group’s 1000 Companies to Inspire Europe.

We believe in offering high quality LED solutions while keeping innovation at the core of everything we do. Boasting a portfolio of over 2500 lighting products, V-TAC has utilized its brand value and R&D efforts into innovating beyond lighting solutions into categories like smart home solutions and wireless speakers. The six new product branches under the V-TAC brand has enabled us to successfully expand our portfolio to more than 3500 products.

We are committed to our business & are our constantly evolving to better serve our customers. We believe in not just lighting up your world with our LED lighting but also connecting it with our diversified range of smart home & audio products, adding value to every life we touch.

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We believe in lighting up the world, enhancing the quality of life of people by constantly evolving & improving ourselves through everything we do.


At V-TAC, we understand the challenges faced by end-users and we apply our team’s innovative capacity, worldwide footprint, and brand name to deliver solutions across a range of industries, meeting the world’s needs and bringing us a step closer to our goal.


Innovation is our brand. By heavily investing in R&D, V-TAC is able to continuously update its portfolio with more efficient products, keeping in line with the progression of technology. Quality is a priority in V-TAC, with our own state-of-the-art testing lab in Sofia, Bulgaria, all our products are tested & accredited by top certification labs in the EU.


Improving the quality of life is what drives us at V-TAC. From sustainable lighting to smart home products, we have always looked at innovative & revolutionary solutions for our customers and our partners.We are committed to fulfilling every customer requirement through our diversified product portfolio & customer service.

Improving Learning with Lighting – LED Lighting Upgrade at Langley Park School for Boys Performance Theatre

Having a certain inclination with the performing arts, Langley Park School for Boys has requested to upgrade the lighting on their performance theatre for better light efficacy and to lessen their power consumption. The Client Langley Park School for Boys is an all-ability academy with approximately 1,710 pupils on the school roll. “We are a


Partner With us

Be ahead of the curve. Upon entering a partnership with V-TAC, we will make sure to provide you:

  • A wide range of innovative, premium quality products;
  • Market-leading prices with consistent stock availability for competitive fulfillment of any order; and
  • With marketing tools like ready-made FSDUs & POS to help you sell better and faster.

With seven distribution offices worldwide, we can start today and be one-step nearer in achieving a sustainable business model.

Disclaimer: All data and statistics are indicative of the entire V-TAC brand and its associated entities.
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