Energy Efficient Solutions: Moving Towards Sustainable and Affordable Energy

Where do we go from here?

Over 2022, the visible signs of the worsening climate crisis have become more extreme. Widespread flooding in different regions is directly related to climate change. At the same time, the Ukraine war has accelerated an energy crisis that was already in the making. As energy prices have skyrocketed across Europe and in other regions, governments are starting to think seriously about investing even more in clean energy solutions.

new multi-agency report from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) argues that climate change is not only a threat to the planet, but if serious action is not taken, it will threaten global energy security. The report recommends doubling the supply of electricity from clean energy sources within the next decade to limit the increase in global temperature. Electricity and heat are the primary single source of greenhouse gas, accounting for over 30% of emissions.

There is still time to implement cleaner energy solutions to help mitigate the climate crisis. For instance, according to the Climate Group, lighting is responsible for 5% of global CO2 emissions. Replacing traditional lighting with LED can result in huge energy savings, 50-70%. A 2017 study argued that moving to LEDs helped cut CO2 gas emissions by half a billion tons that year -  the same as if more than 160 coal-fired power plants were taken offline.

Switching to a diversified energy strategy is the only way to manage both the climate crisis, the economic fall-out of disruptions in traditional energy supplies, and soaring prices. Many companies are providing solar and renewable energy solutions and products to help us on this journey, and some of these include:

  • Rooftop solar panels using photovoltaic (PV) panels capture energy from the sun, converting it into electricity.

  • Solar shingles or building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) thin flat solar panels that can replace roof shingles.

  • Solar water heating and solar air conditioning - Water is heated using solar energy and can then be used for washing and cleaning, or to provide cooling in A/Cs. A/Cs are the most energy intensive appliance in homes. Converting them to work on renewable sources can create substantial savings in the long-term.

  • Wind turbines most often found in wind farms or in offshore installations can be used at homes when given enough space. 

  • Hydro power harnesses the power of running water. This solution only works if you have access to a river or stream that you can divert to flow through a turbine creating energy. Hydro power is more stable than solar or wind, but is not an option available to most of us.

  • Powerwall is a large rechargeable battery able to generate electricity. It can be programmed to leverage peak - off peak electricity price variations, by charging on the grid when prices are low and discharging when prices are high. The powerwall works best when coupled with a source of renewable energy like solar.

  • Lithium Battery Storage - The two main sources of renewable energy – solar and wind- have one major drawback, inconsistent supply. When there is no sun or wind – no energy is generated. Lithium-ion batteries enable energy storage during surplus, and energy discharge during shortage. New technological developments have enabled the production of safer and more affordable lithium batteries – making them accessible for a variety of home and commercial uses.

V-TAC is transforming!

At V-TAC, we understand the need for change and we are finding ways to help. We are committed to finding efficient solutions to help the global community make the changes in the way we generate and consume energy. This is our cause, and our mission.

We call on our partners to make the choice to transition to sustainable energy solutions. Cleaner energy will lead to sustainable business growth.

We are faced with two choices: Either we wait for things to change, or we become part of the change. 

Watch this space…

V-TAC is all about sustainable solutions. We are on a quest to come up with new and innovative ways to help our world become more sustainable. We have some surprises coming up for our stakeholders. Being environmentally aware should not be about giving up profitability. It’s all about providing our clients with sustainable choices that make financial sense. We need a new, revolutionary way to think about how we use energy, the products we buy and sell, and being part of a shared global economy and community. 

Watch this space for our exciting launch updates.